Calle de Salvador Allende, 7 28054 Madrid

Autobús 35, 135, 118, E1 Metro: La Peseta (linea 11)

UNIT OF Aesthetic Medicine in Carabanchel

Safety, The Best Professionals and Highest Quality Products are the key to Natural Results in the best hands.

Graduated from the Universidad de los Andes as a Surgeon.

Expert in Antiaging and Orthomolecular Medicine ALMA (Venezuela) and Universidad de Monterrey (Mexico)

Bachelor of Medicine by Homologation of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Doctor of Medicine by Homologation of the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

Scientific Collaborator of the Masters in Aesthetic Medicine FEMEL and the Faculty of Medicine of Cordoba Spain.

Professor of the Master in Micro Capillary Graft FEMEL-UDIMA

International speaker and scientific representative of several commercial houses

Facial Aesthetic Medicine focuses on the rejuvenation and beautification of the face and neck through the use of non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques. Therefore the treatments are generally easy to recover from. As a result, they will improve the condition of your skin, preventing or slowing down the effect of aging naturally.

Refresh your face with our most requested treatments such as:

– Facial Rejuvenation of the upper third

– Augmentation, Hydration and Outlining of Lips

– Correction of Dark Circles

– Facial Fillers

– Facial and Hair Mesotherapy

– Redensifying Treatments

Dr. José Ángel Molina Molero | Aesthetic Medicine Carabanchel

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