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Multidisciplinary Dentistry in Carabanchel

Our dental clinic has a medical team made up of experts in different branches of Dentistry.

In the event that your treatment is multidisciplinary -that is, that it combines procedures from different branches-, it is vital that the chosen clinic offers you the possibility of performing all its phases.

An example of this would be a patient who wants to start orthodontic treatment and dental veneers but who, in turn, must have a cavity treated.

For him, it is much more comfortable to go to a single dental clinic where, in addition, communication between the different specialists is fluid.

Years ago, specialization by the physician was not taken into account. In other words, the same professional attended treatments that responded to different branches of Dentistry. However, at present it is important that you go to a specialized dentist.

In other words, they have completed a master’s degree after graduating to specialize in a specific field: implantology, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, etc.

In addition, it is vital that he is a professional in continuous training so that he is aware of the latest news and advances in terms of dental procedures.


Multidisciplinary Dentistry in Carabanchel

Each case is unique

The focus on patient satisfaction is the maxim of our Dental Clinic and our guarantee of the professional vocation of Dr. Hernán’s team and the commitment to their patients.

We are aware of the advantages, not only functional but also aesthetic, of a good dental treatment.

At Dr. Hernán’s Dental Clinic we carry out all kinds of aesthetic dental treatments, periodontics, whitening, pediatric dentistry, conservative dentistry, endodontics, oral surgery or TMJ bruxism and occlusion.

Put your case in the best hands and get the best results for your oral health.

odontología multidisciplinar en carabanchel

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