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Clinical Cases

In this section we are going to publish some of the clinical cases of Madrid dentistry, treatments carried out in our dental clinic, thus being able to see some results, experiences and improvements that our patients have already enjoyed.


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that aims to remove dental stains and make the teeth whiter and brighter.

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Unitary Implant

Unitary dental implants are titanium pieces whose objective is to reproduce the lost roots of the teeth and on which different types of prostheses (fixed and removable) are placed depending on the possibilities that the patient’s mouth allows.

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Aesthetic Composite Reconstruction

Conservative dentistry technique that allows to recover the aesthetics and functionality of the tooth in a minimally invasive way.

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Cervical Caries Treatment

This minimally invasive dentistry treatment allows you to repair cavities in compromised areas.

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Immediate Implant

As long as the patient meets the appropriate clinical requirements, the patient leaves with a provisional prosthesis on the screws that will be placed in that same session.

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Dental prostheses

Restore the anatomy of one or several teeth, also restoring the relationship between the jaws, while returning the vertical dimension, and replaces the teeth.

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Aesthetic Reconstruction

Aesthetic composite reconstruction is a conservative dentistry technique that allows to recover the aesthetics and functionality of the tooth in a minimally invasive way.

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Endodontic Reconstruction

It is possible that a person sees the surface of their teeth diminished for various reasons, and thanks to the reconstruction, they recover the functionality and aesthetic appearance of their teeth.

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Gingivitis Treatment

Plaque can cause gum disease. It is a film of bacteria that continually accumulates around, throughout the tooth and between one dental piece and another. 

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Gum recession

The goal of periodontitis treatment is to thoroughly clean the pockets around the teeth and prevent damage to the surrounding bone.

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Smoker's Periodontitis

Smokers have higher levels of pathogenic bacteria in the periodontium and have decreased gingival defenses against bacterial attack, which is associated with a significant increase in susceptibility to periodontal infection.

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Complete Oral Rehabilitation on Implants

Implant Rehabilitation responds to a basic need: to prosthetically replace the patient’s missing teeth. This is an important and urgent issue since, if they are not replaced, the adjacent teeth migrate into free space.

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