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Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Smile Design. What is it?

Digital smile design (DSD) consists of digitally simulating the smile that we can achieve before starting any treatment, which will allow the patient to get an idea of ​​the sequence to follow, what it will be the appearance of their smile and to be able to make the necessary suggestions to achieve the desired result.

Smile Design

How do we do it?

For the digital smile design (DSD) we will follow a series of steps:

In a first consultation, we will make an anamnesis together with a general evaluation of your mouth through an adequate examination, both clinical and radiological. In addition to this, in this interview we will find out what the patient’s wishes are with this treatment in order to achieve a result that is as close to their expectations.

Next, we will collect a series of individual records of each patient thanks to the latest digital technology: an intraoral scan (thus avoiding uncomfortable traditional impressions) and some photographs necessary for the subsequent design of the smile.

From all these records and through specialized software, we digitally design the patient’s smile project on which we can make the appropriate modifications based on your suggestions.

Next and based on this design, we will create a 3D replica thanks to digital laboratory techniques.

Finally, and before starting any treatment on your teeth, we will make a test (mock up) of the replica of the smile designed virtually on the patient’s teeth. With this test you will be able to see in your mouth a simulation of the final result of the treatment.

Through the Digital Smile Design we can observe the BEFORE and AFTER of your smile.

Before After
diseño de sonrisa madrid

Smile Design

Which has benefits?

Being able to visualize the ideal smile and teeth: with parameters such as size, shape, and color before starting treatment is a great motivation for patients, as well as allowing them to make the appropriate contributions to modify the design based on their expectations.

It helps us determine the necessary treatments to achieve the desired result.

It allows us to show the before and after to the patient in a real way.

Facilitates communication with laboratory technicians for the execution of the final prosthesis.

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