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Radiology Center in Carabanchel

Our clinic has equipment to perform radiographs of all digital types that currently exist on the market: Orthopantomography, teleradiography, CBCT, intraoral, periapical and bitewings and CARPO.

We are your Radiology Center in Carabanchel.


Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic radiography or orthopantomography is an extraoral radiography where both jaws and teeth appear. It is an image that offers us a global vision of the oral cavity and adjacent structures.

Panoramic radiography is a fundamental tool for the study prior to any treatment in dentistry, its use being very common in the initial assessment of the patient or treatments such as oral surgery or orthodontics.

Orthopantomography is a very comfortable radiological test for the patient, since the level of radiation received is minimal, as well as being painless and fast.

During the test, the patient must stand up in front of the appliance, biting off a small piece, keeping the two arches of the mouth separated and with the head upright.

In just a few seconds, the image obtained appears on the screen and the dentist can analyze the test in detail.

At our Dental Clinic in Carabanchel we have state-of-the-art digital technology that allows us to perform precise orthopantomographies with the least amount of radiation for the patient.

Radiological tests are delivered digitally if requested by the patient or another professional at our radiology center in Carabanchel.

radiografía bucal extraoral clinica carabanchel
Centro Radiología Carabanchel


Frontal or Lateral Extraoral X-ray

Teleradiography is an extraoral x-ray (frontal or lateral) that is performed at a greater distance than usual to prevent the image from being distorted by the structures of the skull.

In dentistry, lateral teleradiographies of the skull are mainly used. In them we can clearly see the bones of the face and the patient’s teeth. They are part of orthodontic studies since in them we measure the angles and proportions of the bones of the patient’s face and in this way we can know the relationship between their facial structures through cephalometric analysis.

Thanks to the latest digital technology we can quickly carry out precise radiological studies in our Dental Clinic in Carabanchel.

CBCT Scanner

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

The CBCT 3D scanner or Conical Beam Computed Tomography today allows us to obtain an extremely precise three-dimensional (3D) image of the teeth, soft tissues and bones of the oral cavity and adjacent areas of the patient.

In our Dental Clinic in Carabanchel this radiological test is performed standing in an open machine that reduces the sensation of claustrophobia.

Through a single 360º rotation and in less than 30 seconds (with a much lower radiation dose than a conventional helical CT) we obtain a series of images that allow us to study the patient’s oral cavity in detail.

Currently it is used both for dental implantology or oral surgery procedures and for endodontics, orthodontics, periodontics.

radiografía bucal escaner cbct clinica dental tomas
centro radiológico carabanchel
centro radiológico carabanchel

Intraoral Scanner

Patient comfort and precision

An intraoral scanner is a digital system that somehow replaces or complements traditional impressions in dentistry.

By means of a small intraoral sensor that is easy to use; In a fast and precise way, images of the patient’s mouth are obtained that allow us to reconstruct it three-dimensionally on a touch screen where we can analyze the digital model in detail. Subsequently we can design, digitally print or mill structures that allow us to offer greater precision in the fit.

In dental implantology it has many applications since it facilitates, together with the CBCT scanner, the creation of surgical splints that help us position implant treatments previously planned digitally using powerful software.

Likewise, in the elaboration of the prosthesis on implants, it represents a leap both in quality and in speed of the treatments, since the connection and sending of the works is carried out through digital platforms almost instantly.

In orthodontics, it allows us to carry out a preliminary study as well as carry out subsequent digital modifications of it until the final result, which makes it easier to explain to the patient both what the result of their treatment will be and the movements that will be necessary to achieve it. In this way we have much more precise treatments and more controlled movements.

The instant connection to the cloud of the main aligner systems and invisible orthodontics facilitates the sending of information in less than 1 hour with the agility that this implies.

The intraoral scanner is one of the most useful tools in the daily life of a clinic, since it allows us to capture images for study models and treatment planning for cosmetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, prostheses, splints,…

Periapical and bitewing radiographs

Minimum radiation for the study of teeth and adjacent bone

These are intraoral x-rays that with minimal radiation provide great detail of the adjacent teeth and bone.

They are normally performed to accurately diagnose cavities, periodontal disease or tooth fractures, among other pathologies.

Thanks to digital technology, these images are processed in a matter of seconds and provide much more sharpness and precision than conventional ones.

centro radiológico carabanchel
centro radiológico carabanchel


Specific study to determine bone age

During the orthodontic treatment of malocclusions, the evaluation of the patient’s bone growth is essential, since most of them are of developmental age.

Chronological age does not always coincide with bone maturity, so sometimes the orthodontist requests a specific study to analyze the stage of the patient’s bones and ensure that orthodontic treatment modifies growth accordingly.

The most widespread method to determine a patient’s bone age is through an X-ray of the left hand, including the wrist. The parameters it offers are universally considered as a true biological clock.

At our Dental Clinic in Carabanchel we have the latest digital technology in state-of-the-art Dental Radiology, which allows us to obtain extremely precise images with the least amount of radiation for the patient.

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