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Clinical Cases Periodontics Madrid

Clinical Cases of Periodontics in our Clinic ​

Detailed examples of Clinical Cases of Periodontics in Madrid, which we carry out in our clinic and the final result we obtain.

In this section we are going to publish some of the clinical cases of Periodontics Madrid, treatments carried out in our dental clinic by Dr. Luis Zamalloa, thus being able to see some results, experiences and improvements that our patients have already enjoyed. Your oral health is important to us and, therefore, we provide you with quality, professional and close dental care.


Gingivitis Treatment

Plaque can cause gum disease. It is a film of bacteria that continually accumulates around, throughout the tooth and between one dental piece and another.

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Gum recession

Gingival recession is a process in which the gums recede, exposing the root of the tooth and other parts that were previously hidden under the tissue.

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Smoker's Periodontitis

Smokers have higher levels of pathogenic bacteria in the periodontium and have decreased gingival defenses against bacterial attack, which is associated with a significant increase in susceptibility to periodontal infection.

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Gum recession

A pathology of multi-causal origin that goes beyond the obvious aesthetic drawbacks – a cadaverous smile with elongated teeth – because suffering from it increases dental sensitivity, making it almost impossible to eat or drink very cold or especially hot ingredients.

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Dr. Luis Zamalloa | Periodontal disease

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