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Mucogingival Surgery Instructions

Protocol - Preparatory

Amoxicillin 750mg every 8 hours (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Start with the first dose one day before the intervention.

CHLOREHEXIDINE 0.12% rinses in the morning and at night. Start one day before the intervention.

After the operation:

  • Continue with Amoxicillin 750mg until 7 days from the first intake.

  • Ibuprofen 600mg every 8 hours for 7 days.
    **If Ibuprofen is not enough, add a 500 mg Paracetamol in between.

  • Apply cold on the outside during the first 24 hours (relieves discomfort and reduces inflammation).

  • Do not brush the graft area, the rest of the teeth do (for 7 days).

  • Perform Chlorhexidine rinses in the morning and at night until the stitches are removed.

  • Do not chew right with the graft area.

  • Do not perform physical activity for 7 days.

  • Carry out a soft and cold diet (Do not eat very hot foods).

  • No Smoking.

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