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Instructions after the operation

First day / Operation day

Bite on the gauze for 30 minutes. If, when removing it, it continues to bleed, place a new gauze pad and bite again for another half hour.

Local ice: apply externally at 10 minute intervals for 2-3 hours.

No rinsing, spitting or brushing until morning.

Take liquid and cold food (juices, milk, yogurt, etc.)


For tomorrow and following days

Important NO SMOKING

  • Soft feeding (mixer diet) for eight days.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene. Brush the operated area using a surgical brush (soft bristles).
  • Rinses with chlorhexidine mouthwash (CN 385666.9) after rinsing for 15-20 days.
  • Applications of Chlorhexidine Bioadhesive Gel (CN 354605.8) after rinsing for 15-20 days
  • The face will be inflamed for approximately 7 days.
  • The pain varies in intensity and duration according to each person.
  • Take prescribed medication on time.
  • The stitches must be removed after 7 days.ç
  • In the event of any complication, consult it on the phone 669511850.
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