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Information for patients during orthodontic treatment


Orthodontic appliances can at the beginning, or during the course of it, cause discomfort in the teeth in which case Paracetamol will be taken (avoid anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen).

Small rubbing wounds may also appear in which it will be necessary to place a little special orthodontic wax (sold in pharmacies) around the part of the appliance that is causing the discomfort, and with a cotton swab brush the painful area with rinse. or mouth gel.

  • Hygiene is absolutely essential for the proper progress of the treatment. It is true that fixed appliances retain a large amount of food, which is why more time must be spent cleaning the mouth.

  • Every time you eat you should remove all food debris from around the appliances and teeth.


  • Brush, toothpaste and mouthwash specific for orthodontics (except as indicated by the orthodontist).

  • Avoid eating foods with a very hard consistency (stale bread, nuts, nougat…) as well as chewing gum, candies, jelly beans, do not eat sandwiches or fruit pulling with the anterior teeth (incisors), they must be broken and chewed with the posterior teeth (grinders).

  • If these recommendations are not followed, the number of unbonded brackets, bent wires, and uncemented bands will greatly lengthen the duration of treatment.

  • It is advisable to go to regular check-ups (every 6 months or 1 year) with your dentist unless they estimate otherwise in order to diagnose possible dental problems (caries, periodontal disease…).

  • Adult patients should go to the periodontist within the period that he has indicated for control.

  • The appearance of cavities or white spots around the brackets is frequent if good hygiene is not maintained, for which it is the absolute and total responsibility of the patient.

  • The appearance of gingivitis, periodontal disease or its aggravation due to neglect of oral hygiene is the absolute and total responsibility of the patient.

  • Those patients who wear orthodontic bands should check daily that they are not loose. If so, they must go to the consultation to proceed with their new cementation.

  • The fall of brackets, tubes, occlusal stops, movement of the arch, fall of ligatures should be discussed before the next appointment, unless it does not bother and there is little time left for the next review.

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