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Post Dental Whitening Instructions

General recommendations after whitening:

  • Follow a white diet for at least seven days after treatment.

  • You can eat foods such as rice, chicken or turkey.

  • If you feel dental sensitivity or discomfort, you can take an anti-inflammatory to calm them down. Keep in mind that they are temporary and very common discomforts.

  • If the sensitivity persists for several days or becomes excessively annoying, contact us to examine what the problem may be and address it as soon as possible.

  • Do not smoke. It will harm the whitening and make the teeth yellow again in a short time.

  • Carry out strict oral hygiene, especially after whitening. Avoid mouthwashes that may contain Chlorhexidine such as Perio.aid or Periokin.

  • Avoid the consumption of soft drinks during the 15 days after the treatment. Do not consume drinks with dyes, such as coffee, tea or red wine, as they can seriously impair whitening. To prevent these drinks from coming into contact with your teeth, you can use a straw.

  • Avoid fruits such as strawberry, cherry or raspberry so that your teeth do not stain. Try not to consume citrus fruits, since their acidity can affect your enamel.

  • Do not eat foods such as tomatoes, carrots or beets in the days after your whitening. They can stain your teeth and spoil the whitening.

  • Keep in mind that, after whitening, teeth are especially prone to staining. Therefore, it is important to follow the feeding instructions to prolong the results of the treatment for much longer.

  • Oral cleanings will be very useful to eliminate external stains that may appear due to coffee, tea, tobacco, carbonated drinks, rinses with a Chlorhexidine base, etc.

  • A complete hygiene routine is essential to preserve the whiteness of your teeth. Remember to brush them three times a day thoroughly, helping you with utensils such as dental floss or mouthwash.

  • Come to our dental clinic at least once a year to examine the state of your oral health.

ATTENTION!: Whenever a discomfort appears in the gums or teeth, you should notify the office and make an appointment, although at first, as these discomforts are normal, if they are not important, you can wait four or five days. But if after this time has elapsed they have not disappeared, or if they worsen as the days go by, you must notify us and make an appointment immediately. If a problem arises, do not try to solve it yourself: Ask us for an appointment. Do not let anyone but your dentist adapt your splint, since the doctor who has prescribed and adapted it is the only one who can do it.

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