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Bruxism Carabanchel

bruxismo carabanchel

Bruxism Carabanchel

Bruxism is a chronic pathology that affects more and more people in Spain and that normally occurs during sleep. The application of botulinum toxin type A) in the chewing muscles has proven to be an excellent tool to combat bruxism disorders.


The toxin is a powerful local muscle relaxant that acts for a long period of time (3 to 6 months), relaxing the affected chewing muscles. We are experts in the treatment of bruxism in Carabanchel. Do not hesitate to ask us for an appointment to assess your case and propose your personalized treatment plan, according to your case.


15 minutes


Up to 4-6 months


No necesaria

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At the Dr. Hernán Dental Clinic we treat bruxism in Carabanchel, relaxing the maxillofacial muscles with a combined treatment: Michigan splint and the application of botulinum toxin.

In this way, it is not only possible to solve the oral damage that bruxism may be causing, but also the excessive ‘shape’ that the facial muscles have, which is why, in some cases, it is possible to soften the features.

Causes of bruxism
The causes of bruxism can be various, from functional factors such as a bad bite, to emotional factors such as stress, anxiety, depression… which are capable of triggering a painful pathology with facial pain, jaw pain, joint problems , neck pain, ear pain, etc. All this affects very negatively the quality of life of those who suffer from it.

Other direct consequences of bruxism
Bruxism has other direct consequences in the mouth:

  • wear down the teeth: being able to reduce their size significantly
  • fracture enamel
  • destroy the bone that supports the tooth
  • mandibular osteoarthritis or joint problems in the jaw
  • etc.
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